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san mateo valley,30x40
san mateo valley,30x40

It's the highest mountain in Greek mythology. It was so high that the Greeks thought that Big Things must be happening up there. In fact, they created an entire hierarchy of gods that came to earth to interact physically, sexually and emotionally with the human race. Nothing was beyond their influence, and perfection was attainable only through them. They destined men for heroic deeds or horrific disaster, according to their prejudices and whims.

But today we know that Olympus is just a mountain, and that the gods don't hold sway over what men do, or think. In fact, in the blessing that is our enlightened democracy, we believe that a man's right to personal choice and individual freedom is paramount. It is our own attitudes, words, and actions that determine what we are, not a mythical system of autocrats. We have the power of free will, the power to choose.

Steve Huston, a figural artist of unparalled talents, observed at a workshop for artists that I attended, that "Your career is based on choices--make strong choices."

I believe that to be true. In light of that philosophy, and the fact that I am able to choose my destiny, I will choose Life. I choose to be inspired every day, to see, to experiment, to learn something new. I choose to live outside my self, in caring, in giving. I will read biographies of artists who faced the same creative struggles, read the Bible, and read the open book of "nature." As an artist, I will choose to try to see and record the essence of God in the Creation He has made. I will try to live and work to the best of my ability, and seek forgiveness when I fall short, and the wisdom and the strength to move beyond failure.

Everything I have--anything that can be considered "talent," skills, relationships, provision--is given to me by God. I will try to remember that daily, and choose to act in such a way that the glory, whatever there may be, will belong only to Him.



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